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November 22nd, 1944

At 1130 on the 22nd, the battalion was again alerted for movement at any time, the recon parties being on a 1 hour notice. Action as part of the XIII Corps Arty seemed probable.

Letter #9

Nov 22, 1944


My darling;

I’m still waiting for a letter from you. The last letter I got from you was Oct 19. I sure am getting very low not hearing anything. I imagine one of these days I’ll receive a bunch of mail. I sure wish they would not come in bunches but more letters one at a time.

Everything is ok up here in Headquarters. I just have to make sure I please everyone. And to please Shirley is a big job.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So I have arranged for a big officers dinner. We will have breakfast at 1000 and dinner at 3:00 P.M. The colonel is going to do the carving of the turkey so everyone should be happy. I sure hope it goes over good. May be a little browning, as you would call it, but honey you know what I am after don’t you?

Played cards with Stump last night and won about 30 guilders from him. He sure was a disgusted person. Now he wants to play again. Don’t worry honey, I won’t borrow money and as I send almost everything to you except $20. I can’t lose much.

I hope by now you have received some of your packages and also the money I sent you? Let me know if you have.

Well honey be good. I must get to work. I'd love to be home tomorrow. But that is impossible so will have to have a good time here.

All my love



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