Podcast:  Letters from the Past

My grandfather was in World War II.  As a child I was fascinated by the war.  In elementary school every book I checked out from the library had to do with one of two subjects, Greek Mythology or the war.  My grandparents thought someday I'd combine my love of history and the fantastic and become a writer.  They left me all of the memorabilia my grandfather had from the war and additional family items which he collected.  I always thought exploring this would be a task for my retirement but I decided not to wait.  


In addition to sharing what I find in different posts below I'm exploring the letters and story of my grandfather's time in the war in a podcast, Letters from the Past.  It's available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and additional platforms.  


About Me

I'm a father and a husband with a strong desire to continue learning.  You can follow me on Instagram where I'm saginther.  I've started a podcast, Letters from the Past, detailing my grandfather's experience in World War II.  On Facebook, I'm the Scott Ginther living in Cincinnati and you can always use e-mail where I'm saginthe@gmail.com