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August 27th, 1945

27 August 45

Matzenbach, Germ.

My darling;

Another day and nothing new happened to me. An officer came over from the 440th today and said both Maye and Farrell had gone to a replacement depo. And they were doing everything they could to get reassigned to the 440th. But so far no luck.

I’m afraid things are going to declare all B.C. essentials and not let them come home until there unit comes. Nothing official on that.

Betty some Senators or even your mother’s favorite representative of her district should get ahold of this demobolization mix up. Betty if only they would come out with something definite for everyone. At the present we still have officers in this Battalion with 110 points, and the highest score for E.M. is 82. Honey we sure can’t figure it out.

Betty how much money do you get monthly from my allotment. You should be getting $250.00. I’m checking up on this, just in case something is wrong.

Everyone is getting terrible. Today we have a pair of 10 ounce binoculars out watching the couples walk back to the woods. It is so damn obvious what they are going into the woods for.

Be good darling - I love you so much.

All my love


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