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August 26th, 1945

26 August 45


My darling:

I sure wish I had something to write about. But there just isn’t one single thing to say. I’ve just laid around the last two days, except for this afternoon. I went to division and saw “Ship & Field” Program. It lasted for an hour and wasn’t too bad a program either.

Honey the last letter I have from you is the 8th of August and as there isn’t anything happening and you can’t find out anything. I just don’t have anything to write. We are all sweating out coming home or occupational duty. As yet we haven’t been told what to expect. If they would only tell us something everyone would feel better. They have officers still in this Battalion with 110 point. So my 74 sure looks small. And the enlisted men are over all between 60 point & 83 points. So you see this redeployment gives the E.M. the break, but I’m not going to hold that against them.

I sure hope I get to come home.

Betty I’m going to close. You know exactly what is on my mind. That is all I can think of now. Right now the army is “Kaput” as far as I'm concerned. Be good -

Do a little praying to get me home!

All my love


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