About the title, "Resetting Scott"

In the late 90s I was on a family vacation looking through an art store full of typical tourist fair.  I came across a print which stood out.  I debated purchasing it but didn't.  But I also never forgot it.  10 years later while on vacation with my wife I stumbled across the same print.  This time I purchased it and it's been hanging in our bedroom ever since.


The piece is by Brian Andreas and on the print is the following quote:

he discovered his re-set button early on & there were not many things that bothered him all the rest of his days just because of that


I haven't hit my reset button enough but plan to start.  As I learn and explore, I share.  

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About Me

I'm a father and a husband with a strong desire to continue learning.  You can follow me on Instagram where I'm saginther.  I've started a podcast, Letters from the Past, detailing my grandfather's experience in World War II.  On Facebook, I'm the Scott Ginther living in Cincinnati and you can always use e-mail where I'm saginthe@gmail.com