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August 31st, 1945

31 August 45

Matzenbach, Germ.

My darling;

Another good day on mail Aug 17th thru 25th, all at one time too. So I should be able to write you a nice letter tonight.

The latest dope I can find out around here is the 7th armored is going home in October and the 3rd sometime in December. Don’t mention this month to mom cause she will sure expect me home then. This was given to us by the General today. So it should be pretty good information.

Honey. How did you ever get tied up in on an election board? I should have given you something to keep you busy, such as a baby, what do you say.

Betty there were a lot of the 489th men now in this Battalion but there isn’t any you know. You can mention to Bill Z, that Johnson his old driver is in my new battery.

I think I’ve answered your questions about Xmas presents. Remember keep them at home. Please don’t send them to me here.

It rains most of the day. So that always adds to the displacement work. Had to go to a G.4 meeting, which fell thru and this afternoon I got another 10 ton of coal. So I’m pretty well stocked up. Got 72 ton of coal coming Tuesday. So have a big day then.

Well darling be good. I sure hope I’m home for Xmas. That is my new hope tonight.

All my love


Betty you asked what was in that glass kit I sent home. If you would read my letters you would know. Again. That was my escape kit and contains everything from fish hooks to candy. Most of it is concentrated food. Now do you know what it is?

P.S. Read the note to grandma and then give it to her, if you think it ok.


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