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August 29th, 1945

29 August 45


My darling;

I finally got some mail. Your letters of 10th, 12th, 14th & 16th. Every other day. I sure glad I got some cause I'm blue as I can be today. Thanks a lot for the pictures.

Today I did my first good days work in quite a while. I took a convoy of trucks and got 23 ton of coal. I sure hope this isn’t too much of an indication of winter occupation for us. From what I am told I won’t come home before the 3rd leaves and I’ll be accompanying them on their return trip.

You asked me the name of the river in those last pictures. It the Neckar. It runs through Heidelberg and that is the name of town in the picture.

I was surprised that you got the book “Forever Amber” In desperation to have something to do I read a little of that book. I gave up where Bruce shipped out and Amber was in the prison for debt. At that time I became so disgusted with the immorality of the book I gave it up.

Those packages I sent you were not intended to be presents or anything like it. It was just extra equipment I did not need. You said I sent you book ends. I sure don’t remember that. In regards to the stop watch, as you call it, it was made for me by a man named Wynn and it was a present to me. I have another like it with me, which I’m using.

We can’t wear coveralls anymore. Have to wear Class B uniform all the time and i just had too many handkerchiefs so why not send them home.

Betty, there just isn’t any thing to do. I’ll be so very very glad to get home to you. Be good.

All my love


P.S. I have yet to receive a letter directly to the 391st.


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