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May 28th, 1944

May 28

My darling:

Here it is late Sunday night and I still haven’t written you today. Well at least I got mom’s letter written this afternoon.

Honey the real reason I couldn’t write you last night was I was so very lonesome. I didn’t know what to do. I came into New York in morning and went to the Stock Exchange and saw how that operated, after which I went up to the trinity Church area and even went thru its cemetery. Graves back as far as 1762. Probably some of them older but could not read the stones. From there to the Federal Building Where G. Washington was made president. Then back to the Commodore Hotel and got a ticket to Ziegfried’s follies. After that show I went to the Glen Miller Orchestra program, following that to the Gay 90s show, followed by Truth and Consequences. Then I called you. I was so damn lonesome. I guess being in the same places without you was a little too much. I was afraid you would detect my voice cracking a little as we started to close our conversation. I really think you did. Well anyway honey i came straight home then. I had enough.

Bill was more than waiting for me. He took off about ten minutes after I got here. Kay is at the same place as before and he had to catch a train to get there.

Now for today, all I did was sleep and do a two week washing. Ok, yes, there was 16 pair of socks in the washing. I wish you would do that kind of work for me.

Nothing else has happened. Gee honey I’m getting sleepy. Guess I’ll go to bed and hope I see you in my dreams. Guess I can’t see you any other way for now.

Betty I hope you don’t lose any of your lady habits by being home on the farm. I want you the same as I saw you last, forever & ever. Only I want a small piece of you that I call Janey in addition.

Be good - I love you very much and miss you so much it hurts.

All my love



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