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May 23rd, 1944

May 23

My darling;

Another day and nothing new. We did have a basketball game tonight against another team and believe it or not I played a full game. I’m so darn tired now I don’t know what to do. I can’t even write. At least I did pretty good. Made 18 points and received a blister on each foot and one right eye is now black. Other than that I am ok. Everyone is having a lot of fun over my eye. But honey I really played awful hard.

If a reserve officer is discharged you can be sure it was a reclassification procedure.

Betty find out if I can register and vote in Warsaw township. I mean it. I must vote to cancel your mother’s vote for Hoffman and some of her other good friends.

Nothing more to say about that myself. Received a letter from Warren and from you. Gee Betty I'd love to see you soon again. I wonder if I will. Well honey I haven’t any more to write. Please try to realize that I can’t say everything I’d love to. There will be many things to tell you when we see each other again. Be good - All my love - Say hello to mom. And do be good to her. I love you with every bit of my heart.

All my love


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