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May 14th, 1945

14 May 45



My darling;

I’m a little slow writing you this time, but I’ll see if I can make up for it.

Since I last wrote you we have moved a couple times and now I’m in an area that I have found approximately 16,000 gallons of wine. And if you don’t think I’m having a time with it, you’re wrong. Everyone wants 10 or 20 gallons of it and then they come back the next day drunk. I’m also having a time with the Battery. Had about two fellows feeling bad again today.

Got a few pictures that Campbell developed for me. Do with them as you see fit. They sure aren’t very good.

Well honey they say the war is all over in the E.T.O. Well the folks have all celebrated by now. But for me this war is not over until I get back to the states and again with you. This point system doesn’t do us much good. Even if I was an enlisted man I would only have 64. I guess you and I should have started our family before I left for overseas. Well someday we will get back together. I sure hope it will be soon honey. I’ve almost forgotten what you look & feel like. It was exactly one year tomorrow at 6 P.M. that I last saw you.

Please honey continue to be good and I’ll try very hard to get home to you. I want to be with you very badly.

Say hello to everyone for me. And Janey I will always love you to the fullest of my heart.

All my love



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