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March 4th, 1945

Service Battery closed in Strauch and bivouacked for the first time in snow and high winds which characterized the 4th of March. The battalion was notified in the afternoon that all previous plans were cancelled since the 9th Armored Division had already taken Task Force Browns preliminary preparations for movement. Throughout the day, selected personnel from all batteries fired the bazooka at a partly destroyed tank on the area.

4 March 45

My darling;

I’m just laying with it this morning. Yesterday I stayed in my tent and gargled hot water and salt, trying to get rid of this cold & sore throat. I’m having pretty good luck too. I feel much better than I did.

Last night at supper I took another rubbing. I was late and Stump had a picture of you holding a baby. Well by the time I got there they had it all figured out, 10 months, test tube baby, Zabriskie's ears etc… Well it all came down to this. Lee had been giving it to Sump to give me. If someone would have let me known about it before I went to supper. I think I would have said “ok yes that is our adopted daughter.” They sure would have had to think of a new attack on me. Well that is done now, but Shirley will probably bring it up again & again until it is driven in the ground.

Well that is about all the news from here hon. I’m going to start answer your letters and burn them up.

I’ll see what I can do about those hollow ground steel knives. I’ll have to get the French book out again and see what words I got to use. Betty I have a terrible time with this foreign language stuff.

Betty in one of your letters some time ago didn’t you say Pardis were sending me a can of pop corn. Well if they did I never got it. Please check on it and if they did I'll still write a thank you note. That pop corn you sent in that letter box was wonderful. It really popped sweet. I could use some more of that. Request #1

Betty when a person comes to a unit to take pictures they always go to the firing batteries. That is to be expected because this is an artillery unit.

I sure was surprised about Bobbie's marriage. Well that's what happens sooner or later. Everyone gets caught. Even the best of people. I’m glad we never had anything like that happen.

Betty don’t tell anyone this but this is my own opinion. Fellows like Edwin. They send them over here, give them a short quick course at a replacement department. Then send them out to units. It is not exactly right, but they are needed. I’ve thanked my lucky stars more than once that I am an artillery man.

Honey you know I wouldn’t try to pull a fast one on my sister. I think I have answered all her letters and I owe her one now. She made a big fuss at home about it. When she wrote I answer her. If I’m short time you come first. Then mom - then the rest. But I really try to get one out to you every other day.

Tell Rudy I didn’t as yet receive any apples in a tin can.

You asked me about Larson. Well Janey, Borcherding and him just didn’t get along. There was a personnel clash. Nobody said anything when I asked for him. Milner has let me do as I please. This is the way I feel now. Milner gives me orders. I see this order is executed to the best of my ability. How I go about executing these orders is nobody’s business but my own. If I'm wrong - okay they can do what they want. If I’m right - you know the army. In other words what I say or tell anyone to do in execution of any order, that is the way it is to be done - right or wrong - No honey I’m not tryin on getting tough. I have to be that way so I know just what is being done. If I step on someones toes it just too bad - I’m sorry but that is the way it has to be.

I received the college paper about the same time I got your clipping. Bill & I got together and had a really good talk about college.

Now in regards to meeting me some place before I come home. Janey the day I land in the states I hope I can contact you to meet me. We certainly are going to be together a while alone before we go home to face the mob. Don’t worry about this phase of my return. I have it all planned. We spent our last few days together alone in the states. It will be the same upon my return.

Well Janey I guess I’ve run out of news, ideas and everything. No sense telling you how much I would love to see you because I know you know that. Betty don’t worry about me. I’m okay. And I’ll do everything I know to keep myself in good shape I would sure love to be home though.

Be good - I love you with all my heart -

All my love


2nd of March letter contained a $100 money order - Did you get it?

Request = Send more candy.


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