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March 19th, 1945

With the exception of a meeting for all officers, the following day was uneventful. At the meeting, Lt Col Milner went over the subject of non-fraternization and looting, and explained the Div Commanders policy in this matter.


19 March 45

My darling;

I’m so damn tired tonight. I could cry. But this time it is not from usual work. You remember me telling you I found a hotel basement with all kinds of liquor in it. Well Milner gave me the okay to get some for the men. I got one bottle per man and gave it out yesterday. Well last night all hell broke loose. No one knows the full story. Milner called once and said there was a little noise in the house next door. So I quieted things down. But actually honey I had men laying all over the area. I’m glad it’s over. Today I worked the hell out of them. And they sure are a quiet bunch tonight. Milner asked if I had a party. I said yes. And he said it was a very orderly party. I can’t see it. Tell you what I did. I walked around if I saw a man was drunk he went to bed - By 10:00PM 90% was in bed. - Including me.

Everything is going swell and Janey this war can’t last much longer. Then I hope they let me come home.

I got two letters from you yesterday Dec 6 & 7th. Yes those dates are right. Sure wish I got some mail and hope they aren’t V-mail.

Honey be good - I love you so very much. I really want to come home. I need a little babying tonight.

All my love



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