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June 24th, 1944

Somewhere in England

24 June 44

My darling;

I’m writing in pencil today as I’m in the office and my pen is not here with me. I hope you don’t mind too much.

Everything is the same, work still is very heavy and now I can’t even see the end ahead.

Right now the sun is setting in the west and just for your information it is eleven o’clock at night. I wish I could start out toward that sun and keep going until I was with you. Think I would settle down to a good long stay with you.

Got a letter from Mom today. She said she had called you and when you said you hadn’t received any mail either she figured I was on the move. Well she was right.

Honey I wish I had something to tell you. There is plenty to tell but I can’t say it. I get more here then I did at the last station. Things are really getting bad now. Martin raises hell all the time. Well Janey I’m going home & sleep it off and when this war is over I’ll really be glad. So I guess the sooner I get in it the sooner I’ll be home - I love you very much my darling and always will.

All my love



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