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June 22nd, 1945

22 June 45

Halle, Germ.

My darling:

There is not much I can write about honey. Things were quieter today than yesterday. And no mail came in today either.

Geo Schwarz came back to the unit today. So I had to make room for him. He is sure glad to be back.

Another parade tomorrow and I thought I would get out of commanding a battery at parade. But no luck, they gave me a make up battery and HQ. So many of my men are on outpost duty to march as HQ.

Well darling, I have no other things to write about. I got a good hot bath tonight already so I really feel good.

Be good darling - I love to see you. Maybe soon we’ll be together -

All my love


P.S. I’m out of food again.

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