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June 18th, 1944

Somewhere in England

18 June 44

My darling;

Well Janey at least today I’m allowed to tell you where I’m located generally. England as you probably have guessed by now. There isn’t much I can say about it though. The country is the same as we have at home. And speaking of that honey makes me very lonesome. Another reason is that this is Sunday again and absolutely no place to go. Not even a radio to listen to. Guess I’ll be in the market for another radio. Now I better get those letters of yours out and start answering questions. Your letter of June 2 started out by saying “Aren’t you surprised getting letters two days in a row?” Well do I have to answer that one. It was the first one I received over here after a week or so without any.

Now I want to tell you something. The last time I called you on the phone honey I knew the day we were leaving. And that’s what made me feel really so damn hearted after I called you and even while I was talking to you. I wanted to come home so badly that night if you would have even suggested it. I believe I would have come. Now maybe that explains some of the unknown questions you have wondered about.

At the time about Rome fell I didn’t think much about it. I will be much much happier when Berlin falls so I can come home. News here is very little. There is one paper a day here and that only has four sheets and ⅔ of that advertisement or information for the English public.

You ask about Lyle. He just as safe as he always was. And I told you before I saw Fred. He just as happy as he always is. Nothing ever bothers him. At least he never shows it outward.

Betty before we left your letters were being held. That was the reason I didn’t get them. Well honey that is all the questions answered I hope.

Now about mail. You can send me any package up to 8 oz 1st class mail without request. For any other package up to five pound and of a certain size you need a request. I’ll put all of them at the end of each letter, but if your uncle is any kind of a man he should let you send me packages without the request. But knowin him I think I better send requests in each letter. The only reason he would want to see the request would be to read our mail.

Penny’s promotion didn’t go thru again. I’m beginning to wonder what is wrong. And no body has been put up for Liaison officer duties as yet. Bill has gone to another outfit for a while, but will return. That also makes me without a roommate, as we had teamed up together here, oh well. Penny and Stilma are here now as this is a nice room.

Well honey I’m about to close for this Sunday afternoon. I’m sure in need of you and everything that goes with it. I like to be home this evening and listen to the radio and hold you tight, as we have done on many occasion. I bet I’d be lying on the floor by your feet though if I was really there. Why do I like to lay on the floor? Goodnight honey be a very good girl and please don’t do any hard labor on that farm. It may not be the best for you. Honey I mean that, even as silly as it may sound to you. I have you and I want that same kind of a lady as when I left. Be good. Say hello to everyone, especially your mother.

All my love


Betty you can send candy, chocolate, Hershey etc, Can only get two bars of American candy a week, if available and meals are far between.



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