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June 18th, 1944

June 18

My darling:

Janey I’m missing you terribly. I really wish you would be close to me. I thought and wonder about you an awful lot. Honey as yet I can’t say where I am at but I’m back with Captain Borcherding. I also seen Maye. As soon as the restrictions are lifted I’ll let you know at least in what country I’m in, but you should be able to guess without missing.

Right now it is 0720 my time. I’m just waiting for the next formation to start so this letter will be short. I’m planning on creating an air-mail letter today which will be much longer and will include that election registration.

Well honey be a good girl. And gee I wish you would be more a lady and less a farm hand. I suppose you’re laughing. Go ahead. I mean it honey. Don’t worry about me. I love you very much.

All my love



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