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July 8th, 1945

8 July 45


My darling:

Again not much new news to write about. I’m still in the division, but this idea of being alerted to move at any time certainly isn’t any good.

Yesterday I got disgusted with the whole thing. I got in my jeep and made a circle around the area. I went to Manheim and Heidelburg again. Heidelberg is a beautiful city and it is not hurt at all.

Janey I’m not sure what is in store for me but I surely wish that whatever it is, it happens soon. I would rather get occupation than to go to the Pacific. But again I want to see you so bad. Every day I spend away from you seems too damn long, and especially now that there is just nothing to do.

I’ve got about $180.00 in my pocket now. I am sweating out a pass to someplace. Sure wish they would send me to Paris or Riviera in France.

Be good darling I miss you a terrible lot.

All my love


Few Picture Enclosed


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