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July 10th, 1944


July 10th

My darling;

Here it is Monday and I failed to write you a letter on Sunday. Honey I stayed right at home but slept until noon, mail in afternoon, and Bill and I spent the evening together doing nothing. He returned to us Sunday morning. Williams is due back next week.

Betty I got another letter written 28 June, mailed 30 June. Honey I don’t think you’re writing me too often, due you. You speak of going on a trip as though you had written me about it. As yet I haven’t received any news about it. I’m glad you’re going. But I’ll have to continue to write you at home and you’ll have to wait until you get home to my letters and see if you receive them.

Betty this writing letters isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. I never feel the same from reading your letter as actually talking with you. I don’t know why, do you? Maybe I’m a poor correspondent. I try hard at least.

Betty, I’m ok and doing my same old job. Day after day, it is the same. Wish something would happen. But no, nothing will ever happen.

I wish I had more to say but that is all. Betty I wish you could realize half as much as I miss you. You know I was always happy to stay around you. Now I have nothing and your mail has been coming so far between that I’ve certainly been low. Enough of that. Some day I’ll be able to come home and stay for good, then Borden’s will put me on the road. I think I’ll go on a three month vacation, when this thing is over so I can get a good rest and start things which I should have started sooner.

Be good honey, I love you very much. I’m still looking for hershey candy

All my love


P.S. how’s our car. You never mention it.


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