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January 27th, 1945

The 26th, 27th and 28th, the battalion remained in position and our FO’s in a defensive position near Wallerode. Elements of another division began moving up and it looked as though we were going to be relieved. Billeting parties were alerted on the night of the 26th and departed the next morning for the vicinity of Verviers. Activity during the period slackened somewhat and our forces moved forward several miles.

27 Jan 44


My darling;

It has been some time now since I wrote you. I sent you a copy of the Stars & Stripes the other day. And from that you can see that we were busy getting back to Saint Vith. Honey that town is approximately the size of Niles and there is not one single house left in town. The whole place is in ruins. So with the 12” of snow and cold weather it sure makes it miserable for everyone to sleep. There is a rumor that we may get a rest, finally. Sure hope nothing breaks in reverse.

The Russians are sure going to town maybe we won’t have to go to Berlin. The Russians may beat us there after all. I sure don’t care if it gets this war over with.

Received a couple boxes from you. They contain tomato soup and other food. Ok yes I received the pop corn from Borders. Also a fruit cake of Ellen and Bill Lallas. That is more than I received from your Jaydin's friend.

I’m still okay physical and I guess mentally. Had a little sore throat for a while but finally got over that. Everyone seems to have something wrong with them. Really this weather and everything doesn’t do anyone any good.

Betty you can send me some more candy. But I tell you now I would settle for some real mail. I haven’t got any for some time and I’m sure hurting. I really think I’ll get a lot at the same time. Betty you know that there is times when you could just get away from everyone and everything you would feel better. I get so damn tired and then I start thinking of home and you. Then things go bad. I’ll be so damn glad when this is over and I can come home to stay. There's nothing you can do to hurry it up. But I sure wish it was. I sure could go for a nice bath, clean bed with sheets and for sure the both of us in that bed. Be good honey. I’ll write more often again. When the lull comes you know there is action again. I love you very much so please be the type of girl & wife I think you to be -

All my love



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