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December 11th, 1944

The weather turned fair on the 11th, but the cold snap continued. Captain Willam A Zabriskie, Bn Ln Officer, reported to Div Arty to act as Ln for the new operation. No exact date for this set-up had been derived at.

Germany Dec 11, 1944

My darling,

I’ll put my request first tonight honey. I need some dates. Can you get some for us. Now if I was home it would mean one thing, but over here it means only one thing, food.

Nothing new has happened. I sure wish we could go back in one of these fabled rest areas. What I need is a Christmas tree all decorated up.

What a place this is. Bill it dead right on his bitching about the mail. I could do the same as mail comes once every other week. And then the mail comes all messed up. This new guy, Hayes, sits in the corner, with his wool net cap, which he never removes, he even sleeps in it. Writing and his bitching about the mail. Moral excellent per morning report.

Well Janey, I haven’t anything to say. Some times like tonight you get so lonesome, but you just go to bed early and let it go at that. Be good - Hope everything is okay with you, I sure love to see you. Be good.

All my love



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