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December 10th, 1944

The 10th saw no important change. Lt Col Miler attended a demonstration of the Pozit fize. A new gadget designed to increase the deadly effectiveness of our time fire. Div Arty announced that a rest camp, initially under the supervision of Lt Gustavus Ober III, Special Service Officer for the 489th was to be a set up in Eigelshoven, Holland. 15% of the men were to go back for a two-day period of rest and entertainment. They were billeted in the homes of the local mining population, and all the facilities that were not possible in the ruined wasteland of Germany were to be furnished.

Dec 10, 1944


My darling;

There isn’t much news to write about but I’ll sure try and write a halfway decent letter. Well Janey my new home consists of a hole in the ground with a pavilion over it. I’ve also got a small stove in here with me so I keep fairly warm at all times. Bill Z is staying with me so we really have plenty of discussion about you & Kay. I sure would like this Christmas at home with you. Maybe next year I’ll be able to be home.

I received your letter of Nov 27 and all your packages up to number nine except #6. Honey your packages have meant a lot to all of us. We sit around this stove each day, or I should say evenings, eating your food. The other night we had chicken soup plus a package of noodle soup. We all sure enjoyed it. The other fellows are getting packages containing socks, handkerchiefs and etc, I sure am glad you are sending food to me.

I’m sure glad you stopped over at uncle Charlie’s. I’m still waiting for that letter he was supposed to write to me - I sure haven’t seen it. Mom tells me he is failing fast. Did you notice anything wrong with him when you were there?

Honey I’m hoping you have a large Christmas tree this year. If I was home I know for sure we would have one. Where did you put it? Next to the double glass doors. That’s where I imagine it is at.

Young lady, what are you doing encouraging a girl to get married. What would your mother think if she knew you were trying to get Warren and Laura married. Nobody needs to be forced into that. All you got to do is have the right occasion. Take your girl out in the kitchen and say “We are getting married.” I imagine if Warren wanted to get married he would ask her. The same as I did you. Give poor Warren a better chance.

Betty I wish you would find out more about this army insurance. Just how it works, etc. Why don’t you write Mr. Gilpin and get all the details, and then send them over to me.

In regards to Beverly writing, I do owe her a letter. If she says she has written me every two weeks she is a l--r. The last one I received was written in Oct and I have had it two to three weeks, and as yet I have not answered it.

You asked me what I meant by the statement if it wasn’t for you I do a lot of things. Honey sometimes this damn war gets so much on your nerves that you are willing to volunteer for any kind of a job. Well all I have got to do is stop and thing about home with you and that gets rid of all my crazy ideas. And I let well enough be okay.

Honey I’ve got my fingers crossed again. I think something is going to happen nice for us before the 1st of the year. Keep your fingers crossed too. You should have an idea what it s with my new assignment. Don’t get to happy now, but don’t be surprised either. I had an invitation to Milner's tea in the last couple weeks and each time I have had a good time. We will see, what happens this time.

Well I better close for now. I sure wish your mail would come more regular. Also I plan to do each letter is to send a request. This time send me some cheese, such as Krafts or Bordens in those small boxes plus soda crackers. How is that?

Well Janey do have a merry Christmas. I’ll be okay and I’ll sure be thinking of you a lot. Lets hope the good lord lets us be together next year. Give all my love to Mom and grandma, ok yes gives Mr Holland my regards. Be good and take care of yourself. I love you so much. --

All my love



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