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April 25th, 1945

25 April 45


My darling;

Received some more mail today. And believe it or not I got your 19 April letter. That is better service than I had in the desert.

Well not much to report. Tonight I played football for about two hours and every bone in my body aches now. I should have known better but you know me if I get started then I just don’t quit.

In one of your letters you mention the other fellows sending home cloth for dresses. Well Janey only one Battalion was lucky enough to get in that and it wasn’t us.

Thanks for sending Warren’s letter to me. I thought I answered his letter but guess I must not have.

Janey this can’t last much longer. I sure will be glad to know that the last shot is fired even if the war isn’t over. Then maybe after that I can figure some method to get back to the states.

Betty you never did mention your sore throat after the 17th. I assume it got okay, or else your mother got worse and you spent all your time taking care of her. Tell her to take it easy. Who would look after you for me. If anything would happen to her. Tell her to be more careful. And maybe she will become a grandmother when I get home.

Not much else to write honey. Be good. My legs are so sore that I should have some one rub them tonight. How would you like that job -

Say hello to everyone - I love you very much -

All my love



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