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My Blog - Inspired By My Pictures

Years ago I heard the advice, "Don't take pictures while on vacation, just focus on the experience."  This turned out to be terrible guidance for me.  In my late 30s I started taking more pictures.  This activity helps to cement memories that would otherwise be lost whether on vacation or just going somewhere on the weekend.  In this blog I share the memories and stories inspired by my pictures.  

I waited anxiously for our guests to arrive

Rearranging the card table and folding chairs

Hoping the winter weather wouldn't delay or endanger them

When they arrived I held out my hand

My reach was off so the grasp consisted of

Only a couple of my fingers

And a lot of sleeve

I apologized and promised myself to do better

But every handshake was an awkward repeat

We sat in the family room before dinner

I chose the beanbag with the dog in my lap

Comfortable with my back to the room

Because my quarter patch toupee

Was properly glued over my bald spot

Someone started the debate as to which album was better

Outkast's 1996 "ATLiens"


The Weekend's "Dawn FM"

A full grown javelina wouldn't let me be

Nuzzling at the back of my knee it followed each step

I gave up and brought it inside

Threw it in the tub and cleaned it off

The family was reluctant about our new pet

And someone asked aloud

What we'd do with it when we went on vacation

My skin and hotel room smell like smoke

When I woke I found ash on my pillow

Remnants of the evening from my hair

Last night I sat in front of the fire

And let the white haze drift over me

I lived in it until my eyes burned

Then stepped back to rub away the irritation

Before swimming right back into it

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