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My Blog - Inspired By My Pictures

Years ago I heard the advice, "Don't take pictures while on vacation, just focus on the experience."  This turned out to be terrible guidance for me.  In my late 30s I started taking more pictures.  This activity helps to cement memories that would otherwise be lost whether on vacation or just going somewhere on the weekend.  In this blog I share the memories and stories inspired by my pictures.  

It was like no hotel room I'd ever been in before

Too quaint

Too nice

Too much history

The wooden dresser

Polished by hand and by age

Instead of machine

I was uncomfortable as I sat in the quiet

Outside my window I watched the water dance in the canal

As dusk drew darker a string of lights popped on

Illuminating what was once old Europe

And I grew sad

I sat in the office

The one with the peach colored walls

Watching the dust dance in the light

Between the window and the wrong colored wood

Of the desk where I lay my head

While picturing the beautiful girl

In the middle of that uncomfortable party

Twenty years ago

Long lost to reality

But not to my imagination

The windows cry

They're more than thirty years old

I look through the salt stained streaks


Watching the barren tree limbs

Twist in the late winter wind

Heavy broken branches hang vertically

Held by peers unable to let go

Dangling in the sunlight calling for spring

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