My Blog - Inspired By My Pictures

Years ago I heard the advice, "Don't take pictures while on vacation, just focus on the experience."  This turned out to be terrible guidance for me.  In my late 30s I started taking more pictures.  This activity helps to cement memories that would otherwise be lost whether on vacation or just going somewhere on the weekend.  In this blog I share the memories and stories inspired by my pictures.  

Jittery on black coffee and ayahuasca

I saw my high school

With one stairway

Two flights up

At the landing

There was no hallway

Just a singular boy's bathroom door

Inside and alone

I banged on the metal trash can

Asking Oscar to come out

Before sitting in one of the stalls

Eating my quarter pounder with cheese

It was a restless night's sleep

Every cycle's repetition into REM

Left me debating the same question

Should I use the word




I didn't even have a use case

I don't know whether I was trying

To disparage someone else

Or myself

Unconscious agony over the right word

I woke up wet with sweat

Worried that my words

Are limp, loose and useless

I raced to my car shirtless

Tore out of the driveway

And headed east with the windows down

Oklahoma dust drifted in and clung to my damp skin

Mud drying into a dark brown cake

Which the wind popped off in pieces

Over the next thirty minutes

I drove into the dawn

Staring at light's birth until I went blind

Swerving off the highway

Burrowing my car in the nameless brush

That litters the landscape of Western Oklahoma

In the mountains of California

I took a hike

With the creator of Beat Saber

We walked past the remnants

Of a tiny house which burned

Two years earlier with a small boy

Trapped inside

It was never rebuilt due to

The remoteness

The sadness

The ghost

At the top of the mountain

We stumbled across a grizzly bear

Who grew in size and stature

When it became aware of us

Running back down the mountain

It took chase

Until a black bear ambushed it

Scratching and frothing and tearing with teeth

The whole mountain rumbled

My companion and I were separated

I'd gone left and he'd gone right

Coming to a cliff's edge

I'd made the wrong choice

But ever prepared

I took out my climbing gear

And repelled down the mountain

The boy's shade chattered at me the whole way down

The bears continued to thunder above