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Wandering Hiker

In the mountains of California

I took a hike

With the creator of Beat Saber

We walked past the remnants

Of a tiny house which burned

Two years earlier with a small boy

Trapped inside

It was never rebuilt due to

The remoteness

The sadness

The ghost

At the top of the mountain

We stumbled across a grizzly bear

Who grew in size and stature

When it became aware of us

Running back down the mountain

It took chase

Until a black bear ambushed it

Scratching and frothing and tearing with teeth

The whole mountain rumbled

My companion and I were separated

I'd gone left and he'd gone right

Coming to a cliff's edge

I'd made the wrong choice

But ever prepared

I took out my climbing gear

And repelled down the mountain

The boy's shade chattered at me the whole way down

The bears continued to thunder above


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