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July 6th, 1944


6 July 44

My darling;

Two more days have passed since I wrote you and yet there is no mail for me. I should get a lot of it when I do receive it, I hope.

Well Janey everything’s the same. Just going on and on and hoping this war will close soon. Lately it has been raining only once a day in place of all day. This rain really makes for cool weather. Here it is July and you wear a field Jacket and a pair of gloves when you go outside.

Wish I had just something to tell you about. But honestly there isn’t a single thing to write about. Things just roll on, and nobody seems to worry about anything. Martin does all the worrying for the entire outfit. He just about drives everyone crazy.

Honey I know this isn’t much of a letter, but that’s about all there is. Maybe when I get one of your letters I’ll find something to write about. I’m ok and don’t worry, Just pray I get home soon to you.

All my love



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