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Someone needs to stop me from getting these free e-books from Amazon. The latest was Squall by Sean Costello. I downloaded this to my kindle because it was a thriller which takes place in the wilds of Canada… and it was free. It was not worth my time. Luckily it wasn’t that much time. This novella was less than 200 pages long and I breezed through it.

There are some good things here. First I should say that I’m envious of anyone who’s written anything. The story had great pacing and the right level of description. I could picture everything but was never bogged down with too much detail. But beyond that, woof.

The characters were simple. The choices they made again and again were insane. Their emotional response to the incredible and fantastical events happening to them were non-existent.

I debated giving it up a couple times but it was such a quick read that I decided to push through. The sunk cost fallacy got me again, even when the only sunk cost was my time and not money.

Bottom line, thumbs down.

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