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September 9th, 1944

The daybreak attack on Amanvillers planned for the 9th of September was delayed somewhat, until the 2d combat team of the 5th infantry division with whom the attack was being coordinated could concentrate at Habonville. At 1115, the battalion military was alerted for an H-hour of 1315. At 1315, a 15 minute preparation, in which the battalion military fired 923 rounds was begun on Amanvillers and at 1330, the tanks moved forward. At 1400, a report came through that the forward movement of the tanks had come to a standstill in the open fields between St. Privat La Montagne and the objective. FO 2 tank was knocked out, but firing on enemy strong points continued through FO 1, the Air observer, and Btry B RO.
The battalion military fires called for by FO 1 forced the enemy to keep under cover and resulted in the withdrawal to safety of the crew of nearly all the knocked-out tanks. There was no news of the Second Combat Team. The supported forces withdrew somewhat to reorganize and little activity on either side took place during the night. After the preparation, 1542 rounds of supporting fire were sent out with considerable effect on enemy infantry, but with little or no effect on the concrete pill-boxes and fortress-like emplacements with which Amanvillers was ringed.

Sept 9, 1944


My darling;

I better write you while we are having a little rest. My letters sure are far between aren’t they honey. That just can’t be helped.

Last Tuesday I saw Fred Maye. Bill and I went to a mobile shower unit and while there Fred came in. It’s the first time I’ve seen him since we left England. Had quite a conversation as all of us knew that you girls had been together lately. I wonder what you talk about. I really hope you had a good time.


Everything is the same with me. I guess I’ll always be taking care of this unit. Yesterday some Germans got behind me and I took one tank and 30 men and started after them. I don’t think we got any cause we only fired about five shots and yet we chased them three miles. Betty if you remember how to play hide & seek, well that is war without shooting.

Everyone in the unit is ok. It rains every day and we do get wet. And the last five nights it has really been cold. A little frost this morning on the ground. Paul just came by and claims he’s ready to return to the states. Well I’m ready too.

Well this is all for now. You know I’m ok up to now. If you see or call mom, tell her you received this letter. I’ll write her the first chance I get. I sure will be glad to stay in a nice warm and clean bed with you. This is all this time. Be good. I love you much.

All my love,


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