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September 4th, 1944

Sept 4, 1944


My darling;

Well honey they have let up a little on censorship regulations so I’ll be able to tell you a little anyway.

To begin with honey you should have guessed by now that I was seeing plenty of action. I can’t tell you the name of towns that I have been in or in which army I’m in. But that should be easy to guess also. After the war I’ll be able to tell you about that. Everyone in this unit is okay. Heverson got the Silver Star and Stilma got the bronze Star already. The only officer in the artillery that has been Hurt is …….. and he was killed.

Enough for that. Hope it passes Censorship. According to Nally it’s ok and he’s our censorship officer.

For myself honey I been keeping myself well covered. I’ll tell you about one night. It seems as though it was going to rain and I knew we would get bombed as usual so I dig a nice slit trench and put ½ of my tent over it and fixed the other side up to sleep in. Well the rain came and then there came a wind storm. Well the tent and me were both picked up and dumped into the slit trench. Boy was I mad. Everyone still kids me about that night.

Betty when a city is bombed it is prettier than a fourth of July celebration. Full of tracer bullets bombs and etc. They never last long. And the next day we always go in and see the damage.

The other day I got a German supply train. I brought home 252 quarts of Cognac, same as Whiskey. I guess everyone has his share. Bill took 13 quarts. Should be enough for the duration. I got enough too honey. I also got a rabbit lined jacket, which is surely warm. I wear it next to my skin and boy that soft fur really feels fine.

The French people are fine. They really treat us wonderful. But if we tear up their town much while we are driving out the Germans, they don’t seem to care too much for us.

I refused my pay the 1st of Sept. That is my August pay. Honey I have about 800 Francs in my pocket since I came over and so far I have spent exactly 15 Francs or 30 cents. I told you I raised your allotment to $250.00 effective 1 Sept. So you should get the increase next month. But maybe it will take longer. Let me know when you receive the increase.

Betty there isn’t anything to worry about. I’m beginning to take the attitude that if the bullet has got my name on it, it will get me regardless where I am. But just the same I sure am taking all the necessary precautions for my safety. Cause I do want to come home, without a purple heart or any other metal. In other words come home the same as I left. Don’t you feel about the same about it.

Well honey I’m going to eat dinner now. Same K ration. Some dinner isn’t it. I’ll write more after that.

Now that dinner is over I can’t think of any more to write about. I sure will be glad when this war is over and I’ll be able to to be home. If for one minute you think I’ll be good when I arrive, you are mistaken. It probably will take a month for me to catch up on back time. But in the meantime, I’ll be good and please don’t get worried now I’m in it. I hope this war is over soon, All my love Jack.


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