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September 1st, 1944

September 1st found the 489 Armd FA Bn remaining in their firing position at Clorieux west of Verdun and awaiting orders. The day passed without incident into the night, enemy air-craft bombed Verdun and several of the FO tanks, then out-posting the city, were sprayed by close misses.

Sept 1, 1944


My darling:

Honestly honey I feel terrible I don’t get a chance to write you oftener. But there are things happening over here which I can’t control and you know my job. I'm lucky if I get two to three hours sleep per day. Friday, it is raining. I got in about one am last night and I slept until eleven this morning. Now I’m writing you before I eat breakfast, which will be just another K ration. If I could tell you what we are doing I know you would understand. Maybe soon they will allow me to say. I hope so.

Betty I have one question I want to get off. Was Boseman married and did he have any children?

They had mail call yesterday. So I’ll let you know the mail I received from you. July 28, 31, Aug 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19. That sure is a line up isn’t it honey. I read each one of them last night before I went to sleep. I sure like to receive mail from you too honey, even if it does have to come in batches. Now I’m going to try and answer all your questions. Should make a long letter. Well we will see.

Now that bond business. What I want you to do is keep a bank balance of at least $500.00. Maybe a little more. That is for use in case you get sick, etc., so we won’t have to worry about getting bonds cashed. And if you don’t need it, when I get home we can use that for a vacation which you and I am going to take. And in this vacation you better be careful because I figure your family will get a good start right then. Now with that money above $500.00 you can buy bonds if you want to. I think you can get bonds at $375.00 and at $750.00. I doubt if you will ever be able to get a $750.00 bond. But honey I always want you to get $100.00 each month then you can buy the extra one over that.

I received a letter from Reader’s Digest saying you had written them. They have combined our subscription to expire Dec 1946 so I guess that is all straight.

Your request for those silver spoons came a little late honey, I sure couldn’t find anything for anyone over in England. They just don’t have anything left.

I sure am wondering what you are knitting for me now. I’ve already got a sweater, what else could it possibly be. Well if I wait long enough I’ll know won’t I honey.

Honey don’t send any more air mail stationary. Most of our mail gets rained on somewhere along the way and the envelopes will be just stuck together. Send candy and more pictures of yourself. Honey I like those. The last one was some pin up girl picture I received.

Betty I’m enclosing one page of your letter. This is about the way your mail is received. What do you think about it.

Honey I got to get going again. Borcherding just said we are moving again. So I better close for now. You better hope for another rainy day so I can get a chance to write again.

Betty please don’t worry about me. I’m doing everything I know and learned to take care of myself. I sure wish this was over and when I do get home I’ll have plenty to say to you. For the last two nights I dreamed of you. They have both been just nice dreams. Be good darling and pray I come home to you soon. I do so much want to be with you. Good bye for now. All my love and more.


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