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September 15th, 1944

The night was exceptionally misty and the roads greasy with mud from a downpour in the late afternoon; so, after five miles of track and tank line ditches, the column was halted. At 0400, the fog lifted somewhat and they proceeded on the route closing in bivouac at Champs at 0900 of the 15th. At 1700, movement orders for the 489th arrived with instructions to cross the Moselle on the bridgehead in the vicinity of Arnaville.

Sept 15, 1944

My darling,

Betty I don’t even know when I wrote you last it has been so long ago. I’m sorry honey but it can’t be helped. I expect letters from you, but know I shouldn’t. Honey I’ve been so darned busy all the time getting stuff or taking care of myself. I sure can’t write letters after dark and I try to get all my work done during the day so I won’t have any night driving to do.

I’m okay, and still doing fine. Maybe losing a little weight, but that is all. I sure could go for one of your meals. I’ve had steak the last three days, but it has been German captured stuff.

The weather has been fairly good, only it rains very often and the mud is terrible. Sid should be able to tell you about this mud.

Betty, you should know where we are headed by now. The enclosed clipping is from the “Stars & Stripes” paper. You sure missed your guess in where we were. You haven’t guessed correctly yet. So your average is zero.

I received a ballot from RJ Ward the other day. Tell your mother to cast her vote for Hoffman, and I’m going to send it back very soon. Mr. Atkin sent me a form to fill out for a Chicago ballot. I threw that in the basket. I don’t want anything to do with Chicago.

I've written this in a hurry as I have someone waiting to make another trip and its after five pm already. But regardless of the hours I’m very glad I'm doing this type of work. At least once in a while I get back far enough so that I don’t have to be too careful, which sure is relaxing.

Honey, I know this doesn’t answer any of your questions, but I’ll try to get to that tomorrow. Just honey, I really mean that, you know how much I miss you. I sure could be home. I don’t know whether I want to travel again when I get home or not. Be good - I miss you and love you much.

All my love,



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