Review of Orbiting the Giant Hairball

This was a gift from my sister. This is my first book from her in 2020 and she’s 1 for 1, batting 100%. That is a heck of a lot better then my 2020 average for literature selection. Gordon MacKenzie originally published this book back in the 90s. I enjoy reading something good from that time. It feels like a lost decade so I’m curious how my sister came across it.

This was a quick and fun read. The author worked at Hallmark for 30 years and the primary theme of the book was to stay true to yourself while employed by a big corporation. I felt like I was reading the cathartic detox journal of a hippie who was railing against the man after three decades of working with him.

This is an appropriate gift as I felt like I fought that same battle and walked away after almost two decades instead of three. I’d like to think I stayed true to myself as Gordon MacKenzie preaches but I could only take so much of the same atmosphere before feeling myself disintegrate. Gordon was able to make it to retirement before saying goodbye and truly stretching his legs. I stretched mine a little earlier and now find myself out in the world without the safety net provided by 10 to 20 more years with the same firm. That being said I have those 10 to 20 years to find something new and more exciting. Instead of orbiting the same giant hairball for my entire adult life I’ll find a new one or maybe make one of my very own.

It’s always validating to see a story which closely resembles the one you have in your head about yourself. Especially when everything works out. Thumbs up.