Review of Close to the Bone

Close to the Bone: Widow’s Island Novella 1 by Kendra Elliot

This was another free Amazon Prime Reading selection. It’s a mystery which jumps right and therefore made me skeptical at the outset. A dead body is found on the very first page and the story itself is what I think of as a typical murder mystery. The lead character is a FBI agent. There’s a bubbling romance with the local Dr. Childhood trauma pushed the characters to where they are in their lives. They solve the mystery but don't worry, as this is novella number one, there will be many more to come.

Now there are some aspects to this world that appealed to me. There’s a couple elements of the fantastic. A local legend that may or may not currently still exist in the form of a supernatural ghost. Then there’s the romantic nature of the setting itself. The idea that there’s something magical about the island that calls to certain people and may actually heal them. I love this stuff. First, I’ll always take a touch of magic in my stories. Second, it’s probably the romantic in me, but I believe in the power of places. I’ve always been drawn to mountains and oceans. It may just be the fact that these are novel to me as I’ve always been a midwesterner, but regardless of the reason I believe in the ability for places to call to your soul.

Thumbs up.