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October 30th, 1944

In the early morning of the 30th, elements of other units of the 7th Armored Division began arriving in Weert per division order to concentrate in the CCA sector having been relieved by the 15th Scottish Div in their own areas. At noon, a detailed plan was released for new operations. CCB was to relieve CCA and the 489 was to turn fire support over to the 434. We were to continue in direct support of CCA, a force composed of the 40th Tank battalion, and 38 plus 23 Armored infantry battalion. Our mission was to move east on division order across the north-south canal to the north of the town of Nederweert and then push forward, keeping our right flank on the east--west canal in this area. Batteries A and C were laid in the new direction to cover the route of our proposed advance. Battery B remained laid in the CCB actor until the 434 Armored FA Battalion was in position and ready for action. Harassing fires were fired throughout the 24-hour period in the old and raw sectors, a total of 703 rounds being fired.

October 30, 1944


Letter # 4

My darling:

I’m trying to live up to my promise of writing you more often. As long as I sit in this location I think I’ll be able to do this.

The first thing I want to tell you about is my experience I had last night. I went to a town which I wish I could tell you to draw some equipment. I wasn’t supposed to arrive until this morning so after I loaded the truck last night I stayed in town until this morning. About eight o’clock I was invited to a party. So I decided I would go. Well the queerest thing about this group was that there was five languages spoke and only twelve people were there. England, French, Holland, German and Polish was spoken. It took a real man to get the jist of the conversation. I made out pretty well. Nothing was done at the party other then drinking dutch beer.

Received your letter of October 14 & 18 today. An organ lesson, what next. Well I guess it will help pass the time away. But remember I’ll never go to church in Three Oaks unless my wife sits by my side. You’ve been away from me too long and when I get home you will have to put up with me 24 hours a day, less not one minute.

You and your uncle Lynn have a real lot of trouble. Why doesn’t your mother get a mail box in Galin? It will solve the problem.

LieutenantCola came into my new home and we has spent one hour shooting the hell. If you wonder who he is, he is a new man in the batty. He did not replace anyone.

Gosh honey what I couldn’t do with a gallon of cider. If you sent it would sure be hard by the time it arrived here.

This has been the coldest day we have had. I sure will be glad to see summer again. And tonight it has started to rain. I never seen it rain so much. Seems like every other day.

Well Janey, I’ve got to go to bed. I’m on guard again tonight so I have to get a little sleep before hand and some after. I sure wish I could come home and sleep with you. But first I would have to have some tomato soup. Say you can send some of that to me. On these cold days I really could go for that. Thank you. Better send some saltine crackers along with it. Good night honey and do remember that I think you are the best and most wonderful girl in this world and sure would like to be home with you. Be good and say hello to grandma, and tell her I received her letter in regards to my gloves. I’d write her my appreciation when they arrive.

All my love



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