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October 2nd, 1944

At 0630 on October 2d, the Bn fired the preparation that had been requested, coordinating its fires with the fire of six other bns, British and Americans, that were in the vicinity. 1500 rds were fired in 2 minutes. However, well-emplaced enemy tanks, AT guns, and machine guns prevented our supported unit from actually entering the town. At 1200, air support began marking targets with colored smoke. At 1900, a report came that the town was circled and the tanks and infantry were going into leaguer for the night. A defensive fire plan was prepared, and a check showed 1834 rds of ammo had been fired during the day.

Oct 2, 1944

My darling;

I’m very sorry honey that it has been so long since I wrote you. It seems I never get enough time to do anything any more. I sure wish I could write you daily, better yet I'd rather come home and have supper and sleep with you, like I should.

Bill Zahrisri got a bronze Star award the other day. He got caught in a mess with Milner and Milner got Silver Star. Everyone says nothing would have been said but West Pointer's must have their metals. I’m glad Bill got something however because he is in the same fix as me so far as the army is concerned.

There sure is a lot of air activity today. Someone is sure catching hell and I’m glad it is not me.

I wrote mom a couple days ago, I thought I would have time to write you also, but no luck. Mail has been very bad lately. Haven’t received a letter for two weeks from anyone. Sure should be getting Uncle Charlie’s letter he claimed he wrote.

Betty you don’t know how lucky you are to be an American girl. Women over here have no morals, and they work like dogs. The French homes are all in a small group. Their farms may even be in the same building. And for sure when the barn is shared everything is put by the front door. The smell in some towns is so bad it is even hard to drive through them. And would you like to go to bed and have the breeze flowing in your window in a village like that? Yes honey, the French peasant is very very dirty. Someday I’ll be able to lay in bed with you and tell you all about this country.

As yet I haven’t taken a single picture since I left the states. If I do take them I don’t know where I can get them developed. I have inquired about that a lot of times, but no one knows.

Honey, I’m still the same as I left the states. Do you remember that belt I had fixed at Benning. Well it’s causing me trouble now. I may have to loosen it yet. I sure hope not.

Betty, what am I going to do for Christmas for you. I sure can’t buy anything new here. Money over here isn’t worth a thing. If you got something they won’t okay sending you anything. I do have my German flag & arm band I could send but that is no present. Maybe I’ll be able to find something but please honey don’t expect too much, will you? Be sure and take care of my mother at Christmas also.

Well honey this is about all the time I’ve got now. I sure could go for a good meal and believe it or not a bath and a good sleepover with you. I bet you could not move me all night after I quilted down. Maybe the soft bed and the touch of you would keep me awake all night. Ill get my chance soon, that I know. Be good darling, give me your thoughts and prayers because I need them more now then you could ever in the world realize. I love you so very much. And would do anything to get back.

All my love



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