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October 29th, 1944

The 29th was a day marked by strong German attacks on CCB and CCR fronts directly north of us. Some local success was achieved. In our sector there was no counter-attack, but activity on the German side of the canal was reported by all observers. G-2 reports indicated a considerable number of new units in the area between the Maas River and canal front. A Liaison Officer from the British 4th Royal Horse Artillery reported to our CP preparatory to support the division in this sector. No missions were requested from the British. 946 rounds were fired.

Oct 29, 1944


Letter #3

My darling;

Well honey I’m all set up again. This time I have set up my office on the back porch of a farmer’s house. It seems pretty good too. They have one coal stove out here plus my small gasoline stove makes it pretty warm out here. Tyler has spent the entire morning with me, which is something new. He usually sits across the field and burns ammunition boxes to keep warm.

Your packages are ready. There will be two boxes the size of a milk case plus one other small package. I sure hope you get it in good shape.

The unit is putting out a book which will tell of all the items that have happened up to the time we captured Verdun. I have ordered three of these, one for you, mom and sis. Do you think that is enough or should I have purchased more? Let me know.

I have also ordered fifteen dutch Christmas cards. Do you have any particular distribution on these? Please let me know and their addresses also.

Betty there isn’t any news to write about. Time just continues to go by. It is almost the first of November and the war isn’t over yet. I wonder if this European war will be over before the Pacific war. I sure would hate to fight in both sections of the world.

I received those family pictures you sent. Honey I’m awful glad you have fallen into our family as easily as it appears. So far as a wife you have been more successful than I ever thought. Now don’t ask for any explanation of that statement. I love you very, very much.

Well honey, I’ve got to get on my horse and get to work. I haven’t got much to do today but I want to get it done as soon as possible. Be good. I miss you a lot and sure wish I could be home and be a husband again.

All my love,



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