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October 22nd, 1944

The 21st to the 25th saw a very definite lull along our front. Enemy activity consisted only of dug-in infantry outposts on the east bank of the canal. Ammo expenditure was uniformly light, 335 rounds on the 21st, 234 rounds on the 22nd, 236 rounds on the 23rd, 401 on the 24th and 295 on the 25th.

Oct 22, 1944


Letter #1

My darling;

I sure try to write you oftener but honey I don’t know what happens, but time sure goes by. I hope from now on I can write you much oftener.

Everything is the same. Only the weather sure is cold. In Holland the weather seems to be the same as in Michigan. During the day the sun comes out and it warms up considerable or it will rain all day. I’m sure getting use of the trench coat that I bought in Boston. In the evening with the rain & wind it sure is cold. I got a size 48 extra long overcoat yesterday that fits over everything I own, so I should be warm at least.

Received your letter from Sept. 11 and 12 today. Those letters were sure delayed. You wrote about Pina's visit to you. I’ve received all your letters you numbered up to Oct. 10. That is not bad. I’ll try to answer them before I close.

Nally made 1st Lieutenant yesterday. And lord knows where he is today. I’ve never in my life seen an officer get away with as much as he does. If I did half what he did I’d be in trouble for sure.

I’m still doing my same work. I sure been doing it a long time now. Sometimes I wish I could get into something else. Everyone has something to say about your work, and Stump is always around questioning you. And for sure Borcherding is not doing as much as he could. He is quite a politician, I have found out.

Here is money order for $72.00. August pay which I drew today. I already received my Sept. pay. I sure don’t need it so I’m sending it on to you.

Received two more old letters today. I’d wish you tell me about the number system you are going to use on your letters. I like the idea as I will do the same starting with this letter.

Milner told me his wife had received a nice letter from you. Thanks a lot for writing. It may help honey, but I sure have my doubts.

You asked me about that hole on the rear of the farm. It will spoil a lot of ground but if they want to do it there’s nothing we can say about it. That whole swamp should be planted with trees. That would do more then any drainage plan could ever do for that. And in the long run would be more profitable.

You asked for request to send me things. Well here is one you haven’t thought of. How about some pop corn. I really could stand some. Larson received some from England and we sure ate that in a hurry.

Ok yes, Larson's girl in Columbus has turned him down now. So again be plans on being a 30 year man in this army.

Betty as a guesser as to where I am you are terrible. I’m always a long way off from where you say. I’m in Holland. Now try and figure that.

You say to mention towns that I have visited. Well they wouldn’t be of much interest to you. It's been so long since I was there. I did see the Cathedral of Paris. It was a wall of sand bags in an attempt to keep you out but that's one place they can’t stop a soldier from going. I think there are prettier churches in U.S. The one at Notre Dame is much prettier.

Well honey, I’m going to close and get to work. I don’t know how I could stand this ordeal here unless I had you. I think of you all the time and I’m afraid there is a lot of things I would do if I wasn’t for you. I just lay with it because five years after this is over nothing will mean anything anyway. I love you and miss you terrible. Maybe I’ll get home some day. I sure hope so. Say hello to everyone for me.

All my love


This is a French 50 franc note. It's worth about a $100 in our money. I’ll try and get more money to send you darling.

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