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October 15th, 1944

The 15th saw a definite increase in enemy activity. During the night, German patrols entered the position area of the small TF outposting the dairy at Steonweg and succeeded in destroying by bazooka fire several of the tanks and half-tracks of the supported unit. Our bn observers reported many signs of movement across the canal during the day and the number of missions fired were considerably more than for several days previous, 828 rounds being expended.

October 15, 1944

Sunday, Holland

My darling:

Betty I’m going to try and write you a little more often. I’ve sure been bad on the correspondence work.

To begin with, everything is the same. Everyone and everything. The only thing that gets me is it gets so cold at night and I get so lonesome for you. I sure would like to sneak home to you. Would you warm me up and put me to bed?

I sent a package to you the other day. I’ll tell you a little story about each item in the box.

First is a Nazi armband. This I got from a British intelligence officer stopping in the area for gas. He was going over the German lines that night for some papers. He said he would bring me something for the gas. The next morning he brought the arm bad which has a registration mark in the inside.

Next there is a dutch pennant. These were hung all over the country when we first entered. The colors are the dutch tricolors.

Next is a wrist watch. The watch has had a piece of shrapnel hit it. Please save this for me. You will notice the damage to the watch. This watch was found in the right shoe of a pair of wooden shoes a Hollander made for me. Those shoes I watched him made out of a log. They have many different types of boots they make, I didn’t do a thing to them. They are exactly the way they were when he gave them to me.

Now the next item is a silver locket made from two two shilling pieces and a dime. Captain Ilauis made this and gave it to me. Now honey I’m torn about giving you this locket. Let me know what you think of it. It is packed in toilet paper so don’t throw it away without looking.

There is a little wooden disk that was thrown in the vehicle in Belgium and also a huge lodge pin. No story however. Then there is one other item. When you receive the box I think you’ll be surprised at it.

I washed my field jacket this morning. Sure am wondering how it will come out. It was just terrible dirty.

Well honey I have to get back to work. I sure wish you were here with me. I need plenty of you now. But like every thing else I’ll just have to wait. Be good. I miss you terrible.

All my love



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