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October 12th, 1944

The 12th saw a lessening of enemy night activity, 181 rds being fired during the 24 hour period.


Oct 12, 1944

My darling;

This is no less than the fifth letter I tried to write you in the last couple days. But this time I am going to finish it before I quit regardless of what happens.

Betty I wish I could tell you how much your letters mean to me. I get so damn blue and discouraged I don’t know what to do. I sure wish I was in some other outfit. I don’t care for this one. Borcherding is doing less and less every day. I don’t think there is any work he does now.

The weather over here is now cold. In this position is the first time I took over a barn. I moved out two wagons and put straw on the floor of ½ of it. It makes a pretty good house. Now I have found a factory that has a hot shower. So I’m living like a king again. I wonder what I would do in a house of yours. I sure could go for that.

The other night I went to a Dutch house and had a cup of tea. They invited me into this dining room for the tea. The table cloth was a beautiful Prussian rug. The had Coleman lamps for lights. Boy on my way back you can guess where my mind was. You honey, right with you.

I just remember I hadn’t told you I had been in Belgium and now I’m somewhere in Holland. Belgium was a big change from France. Much cleaner and looks more prosperous. The Germans didn’t fight to keep Belgium at all. For Holland another story. The Hollander do wear wooden shoes, but only because the leather is not available to make shoes with. If I can get them to make a small pair I’ll send them to you.

I don’t know if we had the same idea about European roads or not. But Honey they are just as good as any roads we have at home. Yes the even have six to eight highways.

I got a radio put in.

Bill and Penny finally got there Captaincy. For which I’m glad. Now I’m the only eight-ball left.

Hart is the only commander that hasn’t received the Silver Star or been relieved since we been over here. Did you ever hear of Helen Nederbo befor you saw in the paper she was going to marry Klaus Brant. I sure wonder what kind of a girl she is and how Klaus will ever do with a Brant as a father in law. Sure funny though. Klaus must be marrying not of the church. Can’t see it. Can you?

Betty there is about eight girls to one dutch guy over here. No morals. Frauline's have four or five children. Makes no difference.

Now I’ll try to explain all the oak leaf cluster Harry Coupe is getting. The government has an air medal which a flying crew receive after twenty-five missions. And then for each ten missions they receive the oak leaf cluster. This is an automatic issue, regardless of performance. But you sure as hell risk your life each time you fly over the target.

Well honey I guess this is all for today. I sure wish I could come home and really hold you tight and give you one very big kiss. I’ll just have to imagine that I guess. Honey be good and hope I come home soon. I don’t like this cold weather at all. I should curl up close to you in this weather. I love you very very much. I need you the same.

All my love



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