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November 27th, 1944

At 0830 on the 27th, the recon parties went out again. New positions were selected in the vicinity of Immendorf, Germany, in an area formerly assigned to 440 Armd FA Bn. That battalion took our previously surveyed positions. This was due to our being the direct support bn and we could not fire B.E. smoke (range too great) from our formerly selected positions. 2d Lt Wm K Schaer reported and assigned to C Btry.
At 1000 on this date, orders were received to cross the IP at 0715 on the next day. Once in position, we were to be in direct support of the 40 Tank Bn. They were to move north on Lindern in coordination with the 84 Div along the lines Wurm-Lindern.

Letter #9

Somewhere in Holland

27 November 44

My darling;

I have waited so long for a letter and yet none come. Though today I got a V-mail writing on 14 November. All this letter contained was addresses. I was very glad for them and sent one to each party you suggested.

Well darling there isn’t much to report as things seem to remain the same. Everyone seems quite jolly which is really something new.

Honey that typewriter of yours worked ok. I could read its printing alright. I was not too sure of Uncle Ford's address so send it to 5718 Ridge Ave. Hope that was right.

Be good darling, I know this is short but I really meant it to be because I have nothing to say. Just continue to hope that I come home soon. I sure want to. Be careful & take good care of yourself.

All my love



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