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November 24th, 1944

Thanksgiving the 23rd turned out to be a day of cold, driving rain but this failed to dampen the celebration. The local farms people pitched in by lending their homes and their chinaware although somewhat mystified as to the exact meaning of the holiday. The traditional turkey and cranberry sauce were augmented by the officers’ liquor ration, freely donated, and the only false note was struck by the substitution of spice cake for pumpkin pie, a necessity caused by the latter’s failure to dehydrate. We were attached to CCA at 0600, relieved and attached to Div Arty at 1800.
Platoon of A Btry of the 203rd Anti-Aircraft Bn joined us at noon on the 24th and their guns were placed with the Air Strip, A, B, and C Btrys. Later during the day, Div Arty sent out orders for the bn to reconnoiter positions in the vicinity of Immenderf, Germany. There was a strong possibility that we were to be used to support a crossing of the Roer Rier by the 102nd Infantry Div in the vicinity of Linnich. 2d Lt Alvin Spahn joined the bn and was assigned to B Btry.

Nov 24


Letter #10

My darling;

Honey my dinner was a high success. All the officers were there by two-thirty and Milner really was in his glory. At least it took us until five o’clock to finish dinner. We had turkey, dressing, cranberries, corn, sweet & Irish potatoes, celery & spice cake, We also had a wine & a little White Horse Scotch. I received a compliment from Milner & Shirley so that seems good also. Other then that everything is the same.

Honey I’m still waiting for mail. This long delay is about the same as when we landed in this country. I’ll probably get about thirty letters from you all at once.

For some reason since I’ve come up here my quarters have been a social room. Last night after the dinner eight fellows including Bill came over.

Don’t tell your mother this, or take it serious, but there has been ten quarts of liquor consumed in this room in the last week, Now for sure honey I have yet to get too much. I sure can’t say the same for the rest. War is a queer thing isn’t it?

Honey did you ever send me any chocolate candy. If you did I have never received any, I would sure like some also.

Stump was down the other night and we ate shrimp. He then told Milner & Shirley and they have been kidding me about it all the time since then. They have to have the same on everything and each try to get something a little better than the rest. Everyone gets a kick out of these actions.

Well my darling, I’m going to bed. Maybe if I get there before someone comes down I’ll get a little sleep. I sure don’t get too much now. But if it because of other reasons. Be good darling. I love you much -

All my love


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