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November 15th, 1944

Letter #8

Nov 15, 1944


My darling;

Another day has gone by and nothing new to report. Betty you should see my new set up. I have a room with Donovan and Bill in a Catholic Monastery. It is very warm and really nice. We sure have been enjoying our stay here. There are five priests that wait on us hand & foot. I sure am going to demand service when I get home.

Today I received two boxes from mom. They contained cookies and honey they came in very good shape. They were packed in cloth sacks. I don’t know if that helped out much but they were really good.

Betty what did you mean you were the lost woman as far as mail is concerned. Honey I’ve tried to write you better ever since I’ve been gone. Guess maybe I have failed. I told you the names of many of the towns I’ve been in.

I hope the book comes out soon. When I get it I’ll underline things that I had personal contact with. I never did see Paris. I was south of that.

I wish the fellows would come home tonight. I’m very lonesome and maybe they would make me feel better. I wish I would not be alone.

Betty I am not kidding you but if this war should end, and we were allowed to have our wives come over here I would be the first to request that permission. Would you want to come? Let’s hear your side of this story.

Be good darling, I wish every night I was home with you. I sure would be better now if I could hold you. Think of me often darling. Cause you're always in my mind.

All my love



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