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November 10th, 1944

The 10th saw the beginning of a period of maintenance, rest and training for future operations under Division Artillery supervision. The days passed swiftly, without spectacular incident. Much necessary work was accomplished on the vehicles and equipment, there were classes in a variety of subjects ranging from the treatment of Germans in newly conquered territory to the correct use of the mine detector. There was a chance for a little needed recreation, showers, fresh laundry, movies were the order of the day, and all the men got a chance to go on a 12-hr pass to the city of Maastricht. This last turned out to be a dubious privilege as the war had only served to deepen the gloom in this gray northern town. One daily event that served as a constant reminder of the fighting that still lay ahead was the passage of bombs directly overhead. At any hour of the day or night one was apt to be roused by the spluttering roar of a V-bomb as it lurched west on Liege or Maastricht.

Nov 10, 1944


My darling;

Well the election is now over, you and your mother should now be able to settle down and do a little work. But your mother was disappointed in Dewey’s showing. Betty be sure and tell me if Hoffman won his election.

I received a card from Life today acknowledging your subscription. This letter was dated 25 Sept. It was a long time coming. But as yet I haven’t received any copies of Life,

Betty I received these Christmas packages. I couldn’t wait until then so have now opened them. The Heinz 57 sauce was wonderful. Please send more.

I haven’t started on the soup yet but I will with this new mess schedule. I’m sure to be hungry at night. We now eat at 4:30 P.M cause it got dark so early.

Betty I finally made the grade I guess. I’ve now taken over Williams' job because he got sick again. Hope I get my Captaincy out of this somehow. Anyway the dark sky is beginning to clear away and the sun is coming out. Penny & Bill sure were glad to see me get this break, but Cagle didn’t think much of it.

Honey I don’t have much else to write. Our mail is all messed up again. I haven’t received a letter from you for so long I really wonder what the trouble is. Well Bill & Chris Donovan are here and I guess everyone wants to go to bed so goodnight darling. Give me a few Prayers for safety and advancement. I sure would wish tomorrow would be the end of this war for us as it was in 1918. Be good. Give everyone my love - I miss you honey -

All my love


P.S. Please send me some popcorn. This is a second request.

P.S. #2 Chris Donavan says to have you send more Barker’s chocolate


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