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May 7th, 1945

7 May 45


My darling;

Again it has been some time since I last wrote. But we have had some trip and very little fighting. The other day I visited Leebeck and boy was it cold. That raw wind is penetrating as hell. Another thing is that we have daylight from 0430 to 2200 each day.

Well honey as yet they haven’t announced the end of this war in Europe but it is almost a known fact that it is all over. Janey you can’t visualize what I seen for days. Germans coming down the road in Germany vehicles, their women and everything, giving up to anyone who were to take them. It got so they had even the artillery Battalion including myself, that take a few half-track and attach to a village. I took three and in each of them we took over 100 prisoners. I kept one souvenir from that trip. That being a 6.35 pistol. It is small enough that I can carry in my hand concealed. All the others in my group got some kind of a weapon also.

Honey you should see my new home. An eighteen room place, with a good 500 acre of land. I have three maids and one fireman for the battery. In the servants quarters I moved the civilians and am making them contained to update their farm. Just in passing I’m also the mayor of five Germany villages. And the people sure get to know your name. I have to visit each town daily. I have a Polish and German speaking soldier in the Battery and they go with me.

Well Janey with the war coming to an end over here, I hope I get to come home soon. But not if it means a trip to China. I’ve had enough of this, from now on I want peace and no more being chased. I have been scared to death too many times. Now if I can get home to stay. I sure hope it happens soon.

Be good darling. Pray that I don’t go to the Pacific, that instead I come home and live with you.

All my love


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