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May 7th 1944

May 7

My darling;

I guess by now, you are the most confused girl in this world. But really honey don’t let it all get you down. I wanted to be with you again and this is the only sure way of doing it. I could come home on airplane but what would you & I do if I was grounded on the return trip. I would be completely out of luck and right back in the dog house. Now here is the story. We have hotel reservations at the Commodore Hotel which is next to the Grand Central terminal. Exactly where you will arrive if you come on the New York Central. I can’t get into New York before 1:30 P.M Friday so if you have a reservation on the train that leaves South Bend at 7:12 P.M Thursday I can meet you. If you have to catch an earlier one you can come right upstairs and inquire about my reservation and go up to your room. When I come in I’ll check at the desk. If you are not here then I’ll meet the train that comes at 2:40 P.M.

Now to answer who is Faye Elizabeth Smith. She is the girl who took music with you at Michigan State. Bill is coming in to see her Thursday and will bring your telegram to me. You can’t send me any telegrams other than thru Red Cross.

I have a reservation on a six P.M train Tuesday for you to return. This will give us Friday afternoon and Sat until 0930 a.m. Then I’ll have to return to camp. And have all Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Guess we will be able to see a lot of New York in that time.

Betty it is 0300 am now. I got to go to bed. I’m still in New York and am going back to camp in Morning at 0930. It is only an hour ride of New York now that we have moved.

Be good honey. I want to see you very badly - and we'll get four nights in this stay - We should have a good time.

All my love & more


Be sure and get round trip!!


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