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May 6th, 1944

Sat May


My darling:

Again I failed to keep my promise and write you each night. Honey one thing after another has happened to keep me from writing. Last night I could have written, but no, went to the show with Bill and some of the other fellows. Saw “Between Two Worlds.” It wasn’t too good, so don’t spend your money.

Tomorrow Bill and I are going to New York City. I hope I’ll be allowed to tell you something about that place. Have already seen the skyline of that city.

Everything is the same. My work has slowed down to a stand still. Haven’t had too much to do in the last week, thus I spend more time with Battery. Larson is acting up again. I really told him off this morning,

Betty here is a letter I received from the insurance people. Please write them and get it all straightened out. Let me know when this is done.

Saw Lee last night. He was about ⅔ drunk again. He is playing poker gain and losing plenty of money. At least he says so.

It didn’t take too long to put that call thru last Monday. I guess I waited about an hour. We have a priority on wire lines also. Yes honey that call was made from camp. Actually just across the street from my barrack.

Glad you found out that, that package got to Richard ok. Honey some times you are a very lucky little girl.

Betty in your letters you wrote, you mention the names of two units in our division. You really shouldn’t tie our unit up with any other unit that way. Letters can be intercepted and that will help. Only a word of advice, nothing else.

I know I would have never allowed you to put that ring on those dog chains. That is exactly why you did that when I was asleep. Wasn’t it honey.

I haven’t told mom about the ring yet. I will some day. Beverly has sent any letter letters yet either. I got yours and one from mom. That is all.

Darling this is all for now. Please be good. I hope I'll see you really soon. Maybe sooner than either of us expect. I love you much. I certainly wish I could hold you near.

All my love and more



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