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May 3rd, 1944

Suddenly, orders were received to move and at 0700, the morning of 2nd May 1944, the 489th, at full T/O strength (less advance detail) and completely equipped, entrained via rail for a permanent change of station. The weather was clear, cool and morale was excellent.
At 1445 the same afternoon, 2 May 1944, the unit arrived at Camp Shanks, New York. Ample opportunity was given everyone to see the surrounding vicinity. A trip was made up the Hudson River to West Point and 24-hour passes were liberally given to both officers and enlisted men. In addition, each officer received a two-day leave and every enlisted man, a 3-day pass. Many intramural sport contests were held and several Broadway Musicals were shown in the camp.

May 3rd


Dear Betty:

Now that things have slowed down for me I’ll try to write more often. Received your letter about mom and telling her I left Sunday. You sure messed that one up but I won’t say anything to her unless she asks questions and then I won’t answer them.

It really seemed good to talk to you the other night. I planned on writing you last night but something happened to cause a change in my plans. Someday I’ll be able to answer all these “some things.”

Lt Douglas was promoted from 2nd LT to 1st Lt. Replaced Kelly a good break for him.

Tonight after supper I went to the gym and played basketball for a couple hours. Now I’m very tired and sore all over. You can see how busy I been today.

The way things are going I’m going to have a much easier time now. Don’t you think I should now?

I don’t know where my money is going but I have just six dollars left out of my pay. I’m sure I’m going to have to cash a check now. I’ll cash one for $25 if they let me otherwise it will have to be for a smaller amount.

Betty I have the will & power of attorney here in the room with me. I’ll send it next time.

Well honey that’s all for tonight.

Be good - And don’t worry. I’m thinking of you every minute.



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