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May 30th, 1944

May 30th

My darling:

I received both your letters mailed on May 27 but written on May 25, and your clever little book. I’m having a lot of fun with the book by showing it to everyone. Honey how come your letter was post two days after you wrote it. Did you forget to mail it, or what?

Well you probably taken care of the Auto insurance again for another year. Hope our coverage is as good on that policy as we hope.

In your letter you called me dense on money matters. Are you sure you know what you said in the first letter. Well again anyway I understand it now and that is what I wanted to know.

That candy you made didn’t last long around here. You know it would be eaten up as fast as it could be.

I guess I have answered all the questions that can possibly be answered from your letter.

Nothing much is happening. My work is quite rushing again, but I expected it to happen that way.

Bill and I was going to a baseball game today, but we decided not to after all.

Janey this was another holiday away from each other. I wish we could be together all the time like we like to be.

I did a small washing again tonight. Got myself twenty new handkerchiefs so am now pretty well supplied.

Honey I haven’t a thing more to say. You know how I miss you and wish you were here.

Honey did the 1A7 Radio tube work? You never said. Be good - I love you very much - All my love & more



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