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May 27th, 1945

May 27

Konnern, Germ

Saal Kriis

My darling:

My first Sunday off. And they are the same as the ones back in England, lonesome. Sure wish we could be together. Do you think we will before the summer is over. I’m sure holding on.

Well Saturday was just a normal day. I did absolutely nothing except issue normal orders. One thing happened, Milner wanted everyone at breakfast at the same time. So I tried to enforce it. This morning Milner & Shirley and the rest of the staff came 5 min early to breakfast on Shirley's request. Then they set the clock 5 minutes up, so all the battery officers were five minutes late. Milner thought that was a big joke. So as far as I am concerned I am not enforcing that order any more. I should think if a man issuing an order and tries to enforce it, he should never try to pull a joke on the officers he gave the order to.

It made me so mad. I didn’t do anything this morning. This afternoon I’m writing letters so I can go to the show “Going my way” tonight.

Betty I finally hired a housekeeper for my house. She’s worse looking than “Gravel Gertie” but she does clean up after us. Now all I need is a fireman to keep hot water.

Really darling your husband becomes lazier each day he stays in the army. But if I ever got a home of my own I’ll be different. What I need is you. Very very bad.


Honey I just got home from the show. It sure left a lump in my throat, maybe it was because I missed you so much.

Also Milner had a meeting at division. And they had girls waiting on table. Now he wants me to find two girls to do that work for us. This is getting to be an old problem. Maybe someday this kind of stuff will cease.

Well darling good night. How would you like to have me grab you and sweep you so tight. Actually honey if I was home today you would be a very tired young lady. I wonder what you look like all dressed up. If you have changed your hair do again? And if so how many times since I left home. Are your finger nails still longer or are you biting yours like I do? Maybe I’ll be home some so I can answer those questions myself -

All my love



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