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May 25th, 1945

25 May 45

Konnern, Germ

My darling;

I missed two days in writing you darling, but don’t forget I was thinking of you. You are more on my mind now then ever. This occupation we are doing drives a man crazy. Especially here in Headquarters. Milner has been almost unbearable the last week. And everyone is getting a little on each other's nerves. Hope it straightens out very soon.

Well honey the last three days have been spent in inspections. Now I’ll try and tell you what I been doing. I heard about a brewer (a place to purchase beer) and I went there and made a deal for beer for the battalion. I was astonished at the cost 5 cents a quart. It really makes it a very cheap drink to serve. That took all Wednesday morning. Then after, I inspected property. I really don’t know what I did that evening. Thursday I had to make another beer run, and this time I got enough to last for a few days. Again yesterday, I inspected property, and I did the same this morning. This afternoon I went with Shirley at his request to go do a little work.

I received #169-172 letters today. Honey I sure like to receive your letters. You spoke about Monday day, a year ago. I would do anything to spend that weekend over right now.

I’ve heard from many reports that John Hoyle is on another toast. Guess it will be that same when I come home. Beverly should realize what a snap she has in having John in the states. And at that an P.M. No duties other than charge of quarters, which doesn’t come around very often. Don’t say this, but I wish John D would come overseas for a little while. You would see some carrying on then for sure.

If things continue as they are in South Bend, I doubt if your husband will even spend 24 hours there. Honey I sure want to be home tonight. Betty I wonder if you miss me as much as I miss you. - Be good - You’re all I have in this whole world -

All my love



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